HERITAGE FILM PROJECT and the non-profit Doc Film Fund, produce documentary films about individuals and historical events in partnerships with cultural institutions, museums and community organizations. 


Among the most recent works are James Monroe in times of the French Revolution, the biographical portrayals of Julian Bond, Alice Parker, Jorge Luis Borges and Rita Dove, as well as the exploration of Afro-Brazilian diaspora and Carnival, the Cuban Revolution, The Battle of the Bulge, the Black descendants of president James Madison, and most recently: Black fiddlers and their contribution to America folklore. 



Eduardo Montes-Bradley will serve visit as “artist-in-residence” at Chesterwood from August 2-13, 2021. Chesterwood is the historic home, studio and gardens of America’s foremost 20th C. sculptor: Daniel Chester French.

The Other Madisons has been included in the Official Selection at DC Black Film Festival 2021. The festival will take place virtually August 19-22 this year. Please visit our website (www.dcbff.org) and look forward to more information in the days and weeks to follow.

September 1st. The Library Company of Philadelphia presents “The Other Madisons”.

Black Fiddlers from Simeon Gilliat
to the Carolina Chocolate Drops

this is the story of a unique
American tradition born in Africa

Home of 
Daniel Chester French
is now the subject of a new
Now in

This documentary explores the life and work of the brilliant artist who illustrated the works of Robert Frost and Sherwood Anderson.

Lankes inspired by the revival of woodcutting elsewhere in Europe and Latin America, became a voice rooted in the Arts and Crafts movement, a voice that resonated with the works of other progressive minded artists who resenting the advance of the industrial progress, embrace ce the more bucolic agrarian republic about to disappear.

Premiered at Richmond University

February, 2021



In the presence of Nazi guards, Milton Feldman stood proud as an American Jew | Milton Feldman was born in 1924 to hard-working immigrants from Russia. His parents had a candy store in Brooklyn and he vividly remembers the social transformations that followed the Great Depression, a time in which the quiet Jewish neighborhood where he grew up, bared witness to the Nazi youth parading swastikas alongside the Stars and Stripes. 

Best Documentary

Orchard Film Festival, 2019

Poland Military Film Festival, 2018

The Other Madisons is the story
of the Black descendants
of James Madison, president 
of the United States, farmer
and slave owner

In “Alice: At Home with Alice Parker”, the composer collaborates with Eduardo Montes-Bradley in an intimate portrayal of her life that illuminates her artistic achievements and her extraordinary kindness and passion for life.​​Renowned within the choral music community, Alice Parker stands tall as a modern pioneer in expanding the audience for choral music in all its “high” and “low” forms. This achievement was especially significant in a time before the now-ubiquitous recording and distribution technologies. Among her contemporaries, Alice Parker is distinctive for her convictions about the fundamental value of singing for every individual and of the capacity of choral singing to create social bonds that touch on the spiritual and afford intimations of the divine.​

WHITE: A Season in the Life of John Borden Evans -  John works year-round in his atelier in North Garden, Va. where we discussed for the first time the idea of a documentary film about his work. The initial concept was to expose his work from the perspective of four seasons and we started production last autumn. However, the following winter I knew that the film was going to be all about cold, snow, isolation and the life on the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. “White” is about an artist, and a way of life; is about a farm in a place in Virginia; is about food and God, is about love, water, trees, and the relentless relationship between time and oneself. Moreover, “White” is a film about an artist named John Borden Evans.


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