Alice Parker (b. 1925) is a distinguished composer, conductor, and teacher of choral music. In a career that spans some seventy years, Alice found early prominence as protégé of conductor Robert Shaw, with whom she collaborated as researcher and arranger of folk songs, hymns and spirituals for the Robert Shaw Chorale. Alice’s compositional reach is extensive and inclusive, from children’s songs and church hymns to operas and large concert works. In “Alice: At Home with Alice Parker”, the composer collaborates with Eduardo Montes-Bradley in an intimate portrayal of her life that illuminates her artistic achievements and her extraordinary kindness and passion for life.

​Renowned within the choral music community, Alice Parker stands tall as a modern pioneer in expanding the audience for choral music in all its “high” and “low” forms. This achievement was especially significant in a time before the now-ubiquitous recording and distribution technologies. Among her contemporaries, Alice Parker is distinctive for her convictions about the fundamental value of singing for every individual and of the capacity of choral singing to create social bonds that touch on the spiritual and afford intimations of the divine.​

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Wisdom and love: Eduardo Montes-Bradley composes a tribute to Alice Parker

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​Alice Parker (n. 1925) es una distinguida compositora, directora y profesora de música coral. Alice inicia su carrera como protegida del afamado Robert Shaw, junto a quien colaboró como investigadora y arregladora. El repertorio musical de Alice incluye canciones para niños e himnos religiosos y música de cámara. En “Alice: En casa con Alice Parker”, la compositora colabora con Eduardo Montes-Bradley en un retrato íntimo que ilumina sus logros artísticos, su extraordinaria humanidad y pasión por la vida.

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Alice Parker es una de las compositoras y conductoras de coros más destacadas del siglo XX. Entre contemporáneos, Alice se distingue por sus convicciones respecto del valor intrinsic del canto y de las posibilidades que brinda el canto coral para crear vínculos sociales, vínculos que rozan la espiritualidad y brindan indicios de lo divino.

HERITAGE FILM PROJECT y MELODIOUS ACCORD presentan ALICE: En casa con ALICE PARKER un filme de Eduardo MONTES-BRADLEY en colaboración con Alice PARKER y Molly STEJSKAL rodada en HAWLEY, Massachusetts y en NEW YORK CITY. HD | 30 minutos. CC Hablada en inglés. Subtítulos en castellano.