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Montes-Bradley’s films take you places. And you won’t come back, because the experience will have changed you. Crónicas Méxicas is about travel and its insights. We go through an ornate gate. Into the noise of a country and its past. Music, markets, street scenes, a mariachi orchestra plays life and death: “Singing as I go… a soul without an owner… I take nothing with me”.  Martín Caparrós, a writer and traveler, is our guide. A man with a mighty mustache. We follow in his footsteps and thoughts. He moves in profile: a long shot, like a face in an arty Hungarian movie. He, in turn, is following in the footsteps of Hernán Cortés, the conqueror of Mexico. In a moment we are scanning the spot where Cortés landed: a trashy beach with scavenger birds flapping wings over the sand. Montes-Bradley has a theory: places don’t exist until someone lands there, and a philosophy of travel: it expands time and self. Mysteries follow miracles: The Weeping Woman who haunts minds, a native boy’s vision of the Virgin, rubble that in time becomes ruins. Mexico is a Babel of voices and languages. Caparrós begins to speak in Double Dutch. And Montes-Bradley dwells on memories of travels in other times and places. – Luis Harss

​Crónicas Méxicas (2003)

Martín Caparrós in the footsteps of Hernán Cortes.

a film by Eduardo Montes-Bradley. Spanish | 88 minutes 

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