Eduardo Montes-Bradley is an independent filmmaker. His documentaries have been broadcast on PBS and are accessible in most public and campus libraries. He has produced and directed over forty biographical portrayals of distinguished artists and intellectuals including such as Rita Dove, Jorge Luis Borges, Julian Bond, and Alice Parker.

Other relevant works in his prolific career as a filmmaker are “Samba on Your Feet”, a unique approach to Afro-Brazilian cultural traditions through music, and the evolution of Carnival. “Samba on Your Feet”, featuring Haroldo Costa and other prominent Brazilian artists and intellectuals, premiered at the Rio International Film Festival.

Eduardo’s “Che: Rise and Fall”, was released by National Geographic, and it’s been embraced since by the critics as “one of the most relevant accounts of the life of the legendary Che Guevara”. On the same path of historical figures, he produced and directed “Monroe Hill”, a biographical approach to the life of James Monroe in times of the French Revolution deserving of an award by the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, and “Evita”, a one-hour in-depth portrayal of the woman and the myth behind Argentina’s influential first lady. 

Eduardo’s most recent documentaries are “J.J.Lankes: Yankee Printmaker in Virginia”, “Julian Bond: Reflections from the Frontlines of the Civil Rights Movement”, “Rita Dove: An American Poet”, and “Alice” an independent perspective currently in production on the life and selected works of world renown musician Alice Parker.

In addition to his independent filmmaking pursues, Eduardo has collaborated creating award-winning exhibits and documentary experiences for the University of Virginia, Museo de Bellas Artes, UNESCO, Ixtatán Foundation, University of Virginia, James Madison’ Montpellier and The Ron Brown Foundation among other prestigious institutions. 

Eduardo was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and he currently resides in Charlottesville, Virginia with his wife, Soledad Liendo. Eduardo and Soledad are founders of the Heritage Film Project, a production effort dedicated to producing documentary films.

Screenings and Special Presentations


2020 - February 23. “J.J. Lankes: Yankee Printmaker in Virginia” screening at the University of Richmond. The film was presented in conjunction with the University Museums' Lankes collection. Followed by a discussion with Eduardo Montes-Bradley.   

2019 - December 9-15. A Twenty Film Retrospective of Montes-Bradley. "De aquí y de allá, una retrospectiva documental". Teatro General San Martín, Sala Leopoldo Lugones, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Curated by Diego Brodersen.

2019 - October 27.  Virginia Film Festival, University of Virginia. Double presentation of "“J.J. Lankes: Yankee Printmaker in Virginia” and "White: A Season in the Life of John Borden Evans". Jefferson School of African American Heritage Center. Discussion with filmmaker Eduardo Montes-Bradley, moderated by Sean McCord (VAFF)

2019 - October 11.  “J.J. Lankes: Yankee Printmaker in Virginia” screening at the Burchfield Penney Art Center at SUNY Buffalo State. The film was presented as part of the program at the Buffalo International Film Festival. Followed by an interview of documentary filmmaker Eduardo Montes-Bradley by Meg Knowles, documentary filmmaker and associate professor of media production in the Communication Department at SUNY Buffalo State

2019 - August16-23. Four Films Retrospective of Montes-Bradley at the Auditorio del Colegio Público de Abogados, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Presented by Daniel Paraná Sendrós.

2019 - May 7.  “A Soldier’s Dream: The Milt Feldman Story” Best Documentary Film at Port Orchard Film Festival.

2018 - November 3. "A Soldier´s Deam" San Francisco Veterans Film Festival


2018 - October 20. "A Soldier´s Deam", Official Selection at the Andes Film Festival, Great Western Catskill International Film Festival, New York.

2016 - May 16. "Julian Bond" Presentation at the British Academy, London. Introduction by  Prof. Sharon Monteith with Eduardo Montes-Bradley as director-guest.

2016 - March 7. "Monroe Hill". Special screening at Mary Washington University organized by the James Monroe Museum of Fredericksburg, Va. Followed by a discussion with Eduardo Montes-Bradley.   

2015 - November 12. “White: A Season in the Life of John Borden Evans”. Winner of Best Documentary at Virginia International Film Festival. Richmond, Virginia.

2015 - November 6. “Monroe Hill”. a documentary about James Monroe and his farm’s contribution to Thomas Jefferson’s university. Virginia Film Festival. Charlottesville, Virginia.

2015 - September 29. "Julian Bond". Official Selection Southampton Village's 10th Annual African-American Film Festival. Long Island, New York. 

2014 - May 21. "Testigo del siglo: Ismael Viñas". Screening organized by The Interamerican Institute for Democracy. Books and Books, Coral Gables, Florida.

2015 - March 12. "Samba on Your Feet" screening at the Jefferson School and African American Heritage Center in Charlottesville, Va. Introduction by Dr. Andrea Douglas, followed by a discussion with Eduardo Montes-Bradley.   

2014 - April 24. "Lisboa". Screening organized by the School of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Virginia. Introduction by Prof. Elie Carter. Followed by Q&A with the director.

2012 - November 4. "Julian Bond". Official Selection Virginia Film Festival. The University of Virginia.

2011 - October 4. "Evita". Official Selection at the Virginia Film Festival at the University of Virginia.

2010 - January 7. "Calzada" Premier at Tower Theatre in Miami, Fl. in anticipation of the special presentation on PBS. With the support of the University of Miami. 

2009 - March 20. "Samba On Your Feet". Brazil on the Beach – Presented by Arts and Culture of the City of Hollywood, Florida. USA.

2000 - March 14. "Harto The Borges" screening organized by the University of Salamanca, Instituto de Estudios de Iberoamérica y Portugal. 

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